The Como lake called Lario it’s probabily the most famous lake in the world, it is the deeper between  subalpine italian lakes  (deep mt.410)  and it has a glacial origin. The upper Lario,  with  a lot of  beaches open and free all the spring-summer-fall season, give you the opportunity to live the lake  by  pratice numberless water-sports. Winds in this area make the northern part of the lake the ideal place to sail, wind-surf, kite-surf…Even we have to remain you that,  here champions of rowing,  famous all over the world, have their practise.

Bellagio is the most famous village on Lake, with thousands of visitors every year …                                                    Other nices and important city are:  Como, for the chattedral and some Museum, Varenna, Tremezzo e Laglio for the magnificent villas,  Domaso for the  wind-surfing  area.. At  Gravedona The Palazzo Gallio and the  Battistero di Santa Maria del Tiglio are really interesting and beautiful monuments to be visited… …

Much practised, are hiking with spectacular views of Lake: “La Via dei Monti Lariani” (125 km.), “ll Sentiero delle 4 Valli” (50 km),  the locality named “St Jorio” on the Swiss-Italian border (starting from Dongo 15 km), the place called “Lago d’Arengo”  (starting from Gravedona km 25).

Upper Lake Como, there are entire valleys which have nothing to envy to the most celebrated national parks. The Valley Albano, the Arengo, Valle del Dosso Liro, besides being pristine sites give hospitality to a wildlife rich and prosperous. (All valleys are feasible walking and mountain-biking.)

The reserve of  PIAN di Spagna, near Sorico, is a natural oasis well-organized with possibility of environmental education seminars or observations of bird-watching.
The nearby Valtellina, Valchiavenna and Valsassina, accompany the visitors up high in the mountains, and the Alps.

COMO provincial capital

Como city, inhabited since ancient times, was founded by the Insubres, but only when it became a Roman colony purchased strategic importance to its geographical position … currently has a population of about 88, OOO inhabitants, the economy is mostly commercial, tourist and industrial world-class for working with silk.                        The inhabitants are called ” comaschi”.

Temperature: on Lake Como, the annual average is + 15 ° c, while in several months the temperature range from-5 ° in the winter to + 30 ° c in summer.


The province of  Como Administration