In the small province of Como, gourmet food, finds three cultures well characterized and including:

The first, that of the Lake with its protagonist, the fish. The risotto with fillets of perch is the “dish” del Lario, served only in season, when the perch, increasingly rare and difficult to find, is fisched in the Lake. Another famous and original, typical of the Tremezzina and AltoLario, are the “misultin”, now italianized in “missoltini”. Are the “agoni” caught between May and June, sun-dried and pressed with salt in “missolte” made of wood. (Product difficult to appreciate, for his intense taste, and very rich in salt). And again: the fish in “Carpione”, fried and marinated in water and vinegar flavored with herbs (during the period in which fisching it is permitted).

The second is the cooking of the valleys, more archaic and easier, polenta, cheese and mushrooms (depending on the season) as protagonists. Typical and traditional Dishes so that they do not have even the Italian translation, as the “polentauncia” with cheese, butter and garlic; (the polenta of flour mixed with yellow and black), gnocchi with spoon, always served with melted cheese, butter and garlic, rice “in cagnone” rice in white, with the same seasonings, plus potatoes, after being boiled, are skipped with butter and cheese, and the cake “miascia” made with advanced bread, fruit, butter, milk, eggs, sugar etc And then all products of milk, butter grazing to cheese: goat cheese, semude, formaggelle, fat and semi-fatty.

The third is the cooking from the plain, from Brianza, and which offers especially robust and meat dishes the Nordic cuisine lombarda expression, using the pig frequently and the names of the dishes are common to other areas, particularly to the Milano area. Here we find the “buseca”, minestrone tripe robust and invigorating; the “cassoela”, a stew with pork ribs, pork and cabbage. Polenta, cotecotti, rabbit, braised beef. And from January to March sausages grilled fresh …

Some specialities come also from nearby Valtellina as: Bresaola and Pizzoccheri.
Other speciality comes from the near Switzerland as: the Meat Fondue and Cheese Fondue